Carpet Types

Knowing Carpet Types Equals Better Care and Better Carpet Cleaning Choice

Knowing various carpet types and knowing which one you own or would love to have will surely help you to choose the right carpet cleaning method and proper approach to the whole carpet cleaning process. Choosing the right carpet cleaner may also rely on carpet type.
We will go over some of the basic kinds of carpets that you are going to encounter while shopping your next floor cover and what you need to know about them before them before making a good purchase. Carpets are easy way to add life and personality to your home but not all carpets are created equal. They can vary in texture appearances, price, overall feel and knowing the differences between them is surely a key aspect in picking a style that fits your needs and your budgets the most. Carpets can vary greatly in their design. Their construction specifics makes them suitable for different spaces. Cut pile is one of the most popular forms featuring dense fibers that hold up well in high traffic areas. Saxony carpets are luxurious. Cut loop carpeting works well in informal areas. Nowadays barbers are growing popularity as their thick yarn offers durability that others lack. The type of carpet you choose will decide. Cut pile and cut loop carpeting use thick foundation but barber and thin loop varieties require thinner foundation. The fiber that your carpet is made of, will effect how well it will performs. For example cotton offers soft touch at the risk being stained and wool delivers durability but for a price margin. Carpet comes in almost as many colors as you can imagine.

Down below we are going to break down some of the most popular carpet types.

Carpet type – Berber:

  • Berber carpets take their name after Berber tribes of North Africa that were making wool carpets by themselves. Their rise in popularity is clear and even though the overall popularity of carpets is declining the Berber ones are clearly trending. Polypropylene, nylon and wool are the most frequently used yarns in barber carpets. These yarns provide a high durability and luxurious cushioned appearance. The cons are that the loops are quite vulnerable and more so if you have a pet at home.

Carpet type – Level Loop Pile:

  • By weaving even loops we are creating a level loop pile. The carpet done this particular way has a unique natural appearance and is very durable. The loops can be created high enough to make the carpet look very luxurious. Even though pets are a bad sign for these carpets, they are often used in high traffic areas.

Carpet type – Cut Pile:

  • Straight standing loops of a cut pile carpet seems to be very popular within the carpet lovers. Still to this day cut pile carpets stay the bestselling in the industry even though they lack durability.
    Saxony Carpets: Saxony carpets consist of two or more fibers twisted together. The twisted piles are set straight. The tips of the fibers are not blended together and create a soft texture. Saxony carpets show footprints so they are less suitable for high traffic areas.

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Carpet type – Frieze:

  • Frieze carpets is dense and highly twisted carpets with a low pile surface. It is very durable and perfect for high traffic areas. The structure of frieze carpets hide footprints.

Carpet type – Twist:

  • Tightly twisted carpets as the name suggest are very popular in the UK. It is far less likely to show footprints than its’ rivals. Plain colors go perfectly with twist carpets.

Carpet type – Velvet:

  • Velvet aka plush carpets have sheared surface pile. They look smooth and soft. Velvet carpets shade after heavy use so they require a lot more attention. Footprints show easily on them so they are not suitable for high traffic areas. They are simply beautiful.

Carpet type – Cut & Loop:

  • As the name suggest cut and loop carpets combine both cut and looped fibers. They have an interesting and unique surface however not everyone likes them. Multi-level finish provided by the different yarn endings hide footprints perfectly.

Carpet type – Woven:

  • Woven carpets are one of the most luxurious carpets available. The carpets made with woven techniques are high in price. They can be easily seen at high-end places.

Carpet types:

Now you know a bit more about carpet types. Next step will be choosing the proper one for your home.

Choose and buy carpets.