The Chemistry of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Chemistry is Always Behind the Successful Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning chemistry

To understand carpet cleaning chemistry or even fabric cleaning chemistry there is really two items you will have to understand. One is going to be PH and second is going to be solubility. From the early in the morning you encounter with PH and solubility numerous time starting from teeth brushing process when by the proper chemical reaction tooth paste has an ability to scrub the dirt from your teeth. Toothpaste has the PH level of approximately 8 to 9 that allow it to scrub the dirt away, if the number was different it will certainly fail to do so. Another good example will be the scenario when you have bad feelings after you had a drink or two while partying the night before. You go out, buy some acid medicine and drink it. That very moment the chemical process driven by PH takes place and stabilization begins in your stomach.
In a nutshell PH and solubility is a combination that determines whether or not any particular mixture can scrub out the dirt. For some dirt types it will be totally meaningless to use the carpet cleaning mixture of the PH number of 6, while for some dirt types and spots the PH number of 6 may be successful. Sometimes you have to know what type of dirt or spot you have stuck and blended within your carpet to choose the carpet cleaning mixture with the proper PH level, for it to be able to scrub out all the unnecessary materials from the carpet.

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