Prevent Allergies with Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning vs Allergies 

Carpet cleaning can prevent a lot of allergies and other health problems that dust particles can trigger. But before we’ll discuss how you can benefit from carpets while dealing with allergies and asthma issues we have to debunk some of the misconceptions about carpets and allergy in general.

A lot of people think that the carpets keep the allergen particles stuck within them and by so the person living there is more likely to get allergy, or if he or she struggles with the asthma – is also more likely to have some kind of asthma problem occurring as well. The thing is that in reality you want those allergen particles to stick to the floor. The very last thing you want is those particles that trigger our nose to float in the air. Some people say that clear wooden floor is the best way to deal with this problem. This statement is wrong on so many levels.
If you happen to have a wooden or any other kind of floor without a carpet, than dust particles will never stick on the ground and will always float in the air. In reality – these floating particles are the ones that trigger our receptors. With carpets, on the other side, these particles are stick to the ground and only after they reach the level of over accumulation, the allergy threat is reasonable. So, first of all we have to understand that carpets are actually reducing the risk of allergy and asthma related problems. However, with this in mind you should also realize that if that stuck dust particles get too accumulated, than you should definitely clear up your carpet.

carpet cleaning vs allergy


The problem with not cleaning your carpet from time to time

The problem with not cleaning your carpet from time to time is that within that dust accumulated area on the carpet, dust mites may occur. Dust mites are tiny creatures that are almost none visible to the eye that like to live in the dusty areas. Dust mites are one of the major sources of the allergy all around the globe. You can find them everywhere and carpets are not the only place they live. To prevent these types of things you have to clean your carpet on regularly basis and you have to have a major cleaning process once or twice in a year.

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By having carpet on the floor you prevent allergy related problems and by cleaning the carpet from time to time you deal with this issue in the long run. Carpet cleaning and carpets in general are your best friends while dealing with allergies and you should not forget that.